The main point of the technology can be described as follows: the system automatically collects unstructured data from open sources (web sites, e-mail subscriptions, regular e-mails, corporate documentation, etc.), translates the gathered information into a unified structure, passes the structured information streams to end-consumer, processes data arrays created by the system which meet the user’s business requirements, utilizing the elements of artificial intelligence. The advantage of this technology is the simplicity of language adaptation, which will allow promoting the developed products on English-speaking markets.

The system provides:

  • Automatic retrieval, structuring and storing to the database new publications from the predefined sources and information messages, coming via e-mail. (Customer approves the required list of information sources.)
  • Access to the aggregated database of publications through the user search web-based interface. The search tool of the system provides the user with eight customizable filters and works according to the basic morphology of Russian, Ukrainian and English languages.
  • Delivery of personal newsfeeds to e-mails or cell-phones (in SMS messages), using the tool for creating and configuring search agents.
  • Automatic categorization of incoming pieces of information in accordance with the customizable categories.
  • Generation of stat reports on the objects of interest and export of results to MS Word and Excel.


Web-Observer is meant for Internet monitoring by marketing departments, PR departments, analytical and research departments, information security service, investor relations and consumer relations services. Web-Observer has lots of other fields of application, i.e. reputation management, market awareness, business intelligence, trademark loyalty control, tracking the hot topics, advertising and PR campaigns analysis. Web-Observer is the existing software, corresponding to all corporate requirements covering the information collecting, notification, identification and organization of the external information streams control system. The option to configure the system to search through specific and important for user information sources and flexible, customizable, multilevel filters make it possible to exclude the information “trash” from the database and notification messages. Web-Observer represents a system, collecting the textual information from open sources, cataloging it and giving to users thoroughly filtered news streams.

Currently this software is being offered in two configurations:

  • Full version product. The product is installed on client’s platform. In this case, all software modules and the database are placed on client’s servers, while a company personnel gets access to the system via local area network/Intranet or Internet.
  • Web-based (hosted) virtual system. This configuration implies the software and the database to be placed on Finport Technologies’ platform. The employees get access to the system via web interface (i.e. via Internet).
The selection of this package assumes a one-time license fee and monthly subscription fees, depending on the quantity of predefined information sources and the frequency of system rounds. The target goals of the modules, included in the system, solve various user tasks, namely fast review of the published in the Internet materials, forming a set of publications on certain topics and its distribution, notification of the client about obtained publications, intellectual search in the cumulative database of publications. The prospective trends of development of this software product in the nearest future will be the development of cataloging and search intellectual system, based on algorithmic models of artificial intelligence systems, development of search tools capable to find the required information within internal corporate documents of various formats. The afore mentioned additional works will let to position this product as a knowledge management system and promote it under “Knowledge Aggregator” brand. The target market for Web-Observer is comprised of middle and large companies, for whom the timely delivery of the required information and high level of its relevance plays a business critical role.