Top INTIX 2023 Takeaways for Ticketing Professionals

Here’s What the Ticketing Experts at Intix are Talking About

We are able to see greater leaps in technology and better approaches to issues when we share and learn from industry experts. 

That’s why INTIX 2023 was not only a great place to discuss what had occurred in the industry in the past year, but also a fantastic opportunity to gain new business insights about how ticketing companies, operators, and venues are using technology to create more impactful and personalized connections with fans. 

One-third of this year’s conference participants were first-time attendees, proving a new wave of ticketing professionals and bringing fresh perspectives into the industry. This year, there were many exciting conversations about innovative ways to engage fans, how to implement dynamic pricing, if NFTs and Web 3.0 are worth the hype, and much more.

At Softjourn, we are constantly learning and challenging ourselves to better understand ticketing and how it has developed and is continuing to evolve. Conferences like INTIX give us the opportunity to have great discussions with current clients and meet new ticketing professionals, which helps us gain more insights into how technology can impact patron relationships before, during, and after events. 

After three intense days of keynotes and meetings, we are ready to spill the tea on the biggest takeaways this year, so you can understand what is new as we head into 2023. Keep reading to find out more about the latest in the industry!

One of our team’s favorite presentations at this year’s conference was, “What’s the T on Technology and Fan Engagement”. Panelists shared their deep experience regarding different tools that help fans have everything they for attendance all in one place. Other hot topics in this panel included:

Digital Wallets

E-wallets or digital wallets have become such an important part of every event. All panelists agreed that feedback from fans is priceless as it gives ticketing companies the opportunity to improve their current products and processes. With some digital wallets becoming a one-stop shop application where fans can upload their ticket, connect to PayPal, and access other venue information, it has become much easier for fans to navigate even the biggest events of the season. 

Following these trends, Ticketmaster is working on Footprint ID as a one-stop shop application. They believe that with Footprint ID, patrons will have everything they need at their fingertips for a smooth event experience, including venue information, a digital wallet that would provide access to their event and parking tickets, as well as fast merchandise and food purchasing at the event. This way, fans have everything streamlined on one app and do not need to use several different ones during their visit. 

Plus, all of this information collected in one place gives Ticketmaster the opportunity to use all the customer data collected to identify new ideas for venues to improve their offerings. One obstacle will be retraining consumers to use new technology – promotions will be their best bet to make this onboarding happen.

Another big topic the panelists discussed was how the ROI from every sponsorship is a valuable and key piece to concentrate on, especially for venues. The best way to show sponsors just how much they are gaining from a partnership is by showing the data collected from events through applications. However, at this point, understanding and breaking down the data into easily consumable pieces requires having a large team of analysts, which is something panelists posit venues should work to have in the future.

Facial Recognition

An improved way to ensure a frictionless fan experience at the venue is facial recognition. Most panelists agree that it won’t be used on a grand scale, but that it can be applicable for athletes, performers, and fans in VIP zones. Usually, VIPs want to move quickly and conveniently through the stadium or venue, so the best way to do this is with a facial scanner. Plus, athletes and performers can avoid being swarmed by fans at access points. 

Loyalty Programs

There are new ways to engage fans that are quickly being implemented. Platforms have created reward systems that allow fans to gain bigger or smaller rewards at every event based on number of food and beverage purchases, season games, or other team events attended. For example, where every 10th purchase is rewarded with a discount or a free drink at the next game, people are more inclined to attend and spend.

While loyalty programs have been successful for many years, now apps can use reward rules to give fans more immediate and better rewards in forms of discounts or gifts. Sports event managers find this to be a great way to engage with younger audiences and draw in new fans.

Contactless Tickets

Contactless is a technology that everyone was discussing – even before COVID – and the NBA was one of the first to actually implement contactless at their venues in 2021. This technology comes with a lot of benefits for both fans and event organizers. For fans, entrance and food purchasing become much easier. While for organizers, they can better understand entrance and exit flows, track where fans are, and provide rewards and promotions, as well as cross-selling opportunities. their purchases. 

The Vice President of Fortress US, Britton Stackhouse, mentioned that there are still a lot of redundancies in the venue-entering process. And the jury is still out when it comes to the best technology to use, whether it be through credentials, barcodes, biometrics, or facial recognition. In essence, venues are still trying out new tech to understand what works best for them and for their patrons.

Overall, the challenges in the industry have stayed more or less the same in post-pandemic times, but technology is increasingly helping venues remove unnecessary friction from their processes and providing consumers with a more convenient experience. 

TL;DR: Key takeaways

  • Fans are seeking one-stop shop digital wallets
  • Sponsor integration matters 
  • Rules can help create better loyalty programs
  • Contactless tech is here to stay (including facial recognition!)
  • Convenience is number one

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Source: SoftJourn