Stock-Taking System

Warehouse Management System (WMS) “Stock-Taking System” is a convenient complex solution for small businesses and large enterprises which deal with inventory-taking. Such terminals for data collection as Palm-platform PDA Symbol SPT 1550 and Symbol SPT 1800 are used. The solution is ideal for big shops that have one or several warehouses, enterprises having one or several sales outlets and warehouses of different levels.

The complex includes all necessary functions and applications for effective problem solution:

  • system of goods directories
  • inventory taking – remains and stock-in-trade management
  • full barcode scanner support
  • compatibility of information data base with MS Office application
  • information access delimitation via system of inventory-taking accounts
  • possibility to use several data collecting terminals simultaneously
Including all necessary “traditional” functions, the system allows to fully automate the process of data collection and processing for getting information about warehouse.

Main features of the complex:

  • number of supported bar codes for goods unlimited
  • alpha(nu)meric bar codes support yes
  • “weight” bar codes support yes
  • maximum length of item name 30 symbols
  • maximum length of item code 8 symbols
  • supports national characters in the item name and code yes
  • maximum length of bar code 16 symbols
  • maximum quantity of loaded goods cards 65535*
* General quantity of positions in directory is defined by the size of available memory of the terminal

Inventory complex consists of two modules: Palm-module and Desktop-module:

  • Palm-module is a working place of an operator and secures effective work with goods directory and codes.
  • Desktop-module fulfills two main functions: secures managing of transmitted/received data. It also allows to trace data received from different terminals at different time periods.
With the help of the complex you will be able to improve the effectiveness of the operations connected with goods inventory.

Using of the system at your enterprise will help you:

  • to improve working conditions of warehouse workers
  • to rise the efficiency of goods inventory operations
  • to lower the number of inventory-taking mistakes and rise relevance of received data