Goals & Objectives

Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative is a leading Ukrainian alliance in offshore software development and IT outsourcing industry.

Aims and Tasks

  • Establish international relations and contacts for cooperation in hi-tech industries
  • Establish stable channels for exchanging information with Western companies
  • Promote development of hi-tech industries in Ukrainian economy
  • Promote the export potential of Ukrainian enterprises engaged in hi-tech industries
  • Promote a positive image of Ukrainian hi-tech industries on Western markets
  • Promote utilization of scientific potential in products of the Ukrainian hi-tech industries
  • Encourage advanced training of hi-tech professionals
  • Establish a club of IT-professionals

To accomplish these aims through joint actions of the participants the Hi-Tech Initiative will:

  • Directly elaborate and participate in development and discussion of projects, preparation of documents and appeals important for development of hi-tech industries
  • Organize and participate in round tables, meetings, seminars, conferences and other events
  • Develop continuous cooperation between companies involved in individual industries
  • Participate in establishing professional associations and other organizations aimed at consolidation of companies’ endeavors and promotion of their progress
  • Maintain contacts and perform joint actions with citizens and institutions of foreign countries
  • Cooperate with state bodies, local administration, political parties and movements, trade unions, public associations as well as with business entities to achieve the set goals
  • Distribute information about its activities

Participants of the Hi-Tech Initiative:

  • Ukrainian software developers that work or intend to work on Western markets
  • Ukrainian scientific and research organizations, which possess IT-related technologies having the export potential
  • Ukrainian educational establishments, which train IT-specialists and possess substantial scientific potential
  • Ukrainian public organizations focused on development of information technologies in Ukraine
  • Western companies interested in cooperation with Ukrainian companies involved in hi-tech industries
  • Ukrainian hi-tech professionals
  • Specialists, working abroad