Event Management

There are many aspects of the business world that demand the help of professional individuals. Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative offers event management services to the clients. We have a great experience in planning, organization and management of events and the long term success of an event project is based on the experience that we bring to our clients.

We take the responsibility of making your event in IT outsourcing and software development industry in Ukraine. From logistics planning to concept design, contract negotiations, every detail will be organized to complement our clients’ goal and to meet our clients’ needs. We guide our clients through the event planning process and keep them informed of everything involved in the event. We devise the event concept, plan logistics, coordinate the technical aspects, and provide you with post-event analysis.

Examples of the completed projects:

  • Job Fair in Cherkassy city, 2010
  • Job Fair in Cherkassy city, 2008
  • Job Fair in Donetsk city, 2008
  • Aaron Markus Workshop, 2008
  • Ukrainian Outsourcing Forum 2007
  • Ukrainian Outsourcing Forum 2006
  • Ukrainian Outsourcing Forum 2005
  • Ukrainian Outsourcing Forum 2003

The cost of the event project is negotiated.

Examples of the event materials:

Video reports

Ukrainian Outsourcing Forum 2006

Ukrainian Outsourcing Forum 2005

Event catalogues

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