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  • Infopulse Appoints Data Protection Officer

    Infopulse Appoints Data Protection Officer

    Oleksiy Anisimov is a seasoned professional with immense experience in the field of compliance assurance, process standardization, and regulation requirements implementation. Having a deep knowledge of SOX, CobiT, and ISO security standards, Mr. Anisimov holds the following certifications: Data Protection
  • Ukrainian Readdle Releases Spark Email App for Android

    Ukrainian Readdle has released an Android app of its Spark email client, the company informs in its blog. Readdle notes that the new Android app features all key functions of the service: Smart inbox: sorting emails by priority. Smart notifications:
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    • What Does “User-Friendly Software” Mean?

      What Does “User-Friendly Software” Mean?

      Usability is one of the main aspects by software development and, usually, software testing companies perform usability testing in order to find out whether the application meets user’s requirements and expectations. As a rule, software usability is understood as friendly
    • What Is Virtual Hosting?

      What Is Virtual Hosting?

      The concept of virtual hosting (VHost) makes it possible for one web server, for example, web server Apache, to host different sites to one server. In such case, there will be no need to use separate server machines and soft
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    • Outsourcing Provider Selection

      Outsourcing Provider Selection

      Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative offers the services of the potential IT outsourcing, software development partner/provider selection in Ukraine. We will select for you the most suitable local partner/provider that will meet all your requirements.