Outsourcing Provider Selection

For potential clients who would like to find a local software development, IT outsourcing partner/provider, Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative offers our services to select the most suitable partner/provider in Ukraine. We know the market and will select for you software development and IT outsourcing companies that meet your requirements the most, mainly in three steps:

  • Initial screening (based on client’s criteria and requirements) – long list of candidates
  • In-depth study and investigation – short list of candidates
  • Due diligence – final candidates

In order to provide the client with the best results, we recommend selecting a partner/provider according to plan developed by us over the long time of our work on the market.

The plan of the typical project on selection the partner/provider usually looks as following (it is optional and can be changed according to the client’s needs):

  • The client provides information (application form) about the project and requirements to the partner/provider
  • Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative carries out the selection of the companies that meet all the requirements
  • Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative creates the list of candidates and delivers the profiles of companies for the client’s consideration
  • The client selects one or several companies
  • The client requests the additional information from the candidates if there is a need
  • Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative arranges online meetings (via Webex, Gotomeeting) or conference calls with the candidates selected by the client to discuss the details
  • The client decides and selects the companies they would like to meet for the direct communication
  • Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative arranges meetings with the selected companies
  • Depending on the meeting results the client selects the partner/provider
  • The client sign a contract with the partner/provider after all negotiations are finished

Time line

In case a client responds and proceeds quickly the time from initial client’s request to signing a contract with potential partner/provider can take a month.

The time from the initial request to receiving the list of candidates and company presentations by client can take 5-10 business days.

The duration of typical project on the partner/provider selection is usually about 1.5 months.


The service of provider selection is free.

Examples of the completed projects:

  • Project on provider selection for company Freedom Input, UK
    Provider: Soft Industry
    Project volume: 50 man-months
  • Project on provider selection for company BrightStar Software, Ireland
    Provider: Archer Soft
    Project volume: 60 man-months
  • Project on provider selection for company Inform Print, Australia
    Provider: WEB100
    Project Volume: 25 man-months
  • Project on provider selection for company from Denmark
    Provider: Dimalex
    Project volume: 10 man-months
  • The range of other projects should not be disclosed according to the signed NDA

Examples of company-candidates presentations:

Infopulse presentation

View more PowerPoint from HI-TECH_Org_Ua

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