We would like to bring to your attention the software solution for the distribution work automatization. “Hermes” is a powerful tool in the inventory of your company. The main component of the software solution is its speed in operation, easy to use even by inexperienced users. The main advantage is a multi-platform compatibility of the software. Among supported platforms there is Windows Mobile widely used both in distribution and logistics fields. It should be noted the full support of the Android OS platform which makes the use of the software extremely beneficial from an economic point of view. The cost of Android OS devices ranges from 150 to 400 USD while the cost of Windows Mobile start from 400 USD.

Simple idea for a mobile solution:

Each salesperson receives a PDA/smartphone that is equipped with the Hermes software By using the software an Agent operates with data received from customers and retail outlets onsite Owing to the mobile solution an Agent operates with the latest data. Fast and automated communication with the main office increases productivity, reduces errors and minimizes paperwork. In addition to ease of use, user-friendly interface and a wide choice of platforms the application has a reach functionality to help successfully tackle any task in any field of trade and distribution of products.

The software solution allows an agent:

  • To make out an application for the supply of goods taking into account packaging and packing as well as on the basis of data about previous deliveries (according to rules «1,5» и «2»);
  • To carry out the removal of the trade balances in the outlet;
  • To carry out full or partial payment of delivery;
  • To assess the availability of goods in stock and clients’ debt;
  • To operate with various discount systems;
  • To operate with applications templates for the individual outlets;
  • To keep track of personal expanses;
  • To communicate with all users of the software solution;
  • To view the history of the supply outlet;
  • To send a report about the job;
  • To transfer information to a central database of the software by means of direct connection;
  • To transmit personal location and mark on the ground the location of TPT

The software solution allows a coordinator:

  • To plan routes for agents with indication of time to visit outlets;
  • To control visiting of outlets by agents;
  • Prepare templates for applications for individual outlets;
  • To set priority for goods;
  • To set a system of discounts;
  • To plan volume of sales;
  • To assign agents to individual products and customers;
  • To manage a dealer program;
  • If necessary change categories of prices, rates and balances on the stock;
  • To communicate with all the user of the software solution;
  • To prepare reports on sales agents work on various criteria;
  • To exchange data on an enterprise system (for example, 1С).
To track the movement of agents using the co-ordinate system and built-in GPS.

The software solution allows an administrator:

  • To manage the process of synchronization with an enterprise account system;
  • To manage all the users, set their rights;
  • To view the server operation statistics;
  • To manage the content of text messages and interface elements;
  • To edit the Help section;
  • To track the movement of agents using the co-ordinate system and built-in GPS.

The software solution allows a dealer:

To create and edit applications directly on the Internet with the help of access password and a standard browser. One of the important advantages of the solutions is the use of any type of mobile packet data connection (GPRS / 3G / Wi-Fi) and synchronization with your personal server. The mobile application allows supplying agents with only latest data. Provide only relevant data in a fraction of a second. Through the integration with your accounting system you save time on data processing, all the required data is being formed into a database and stored inside your enterprise accouning system. Special attention is given to the “office” part of the software, based on Web technology, which makes it practical for use in any browser and you will handle the latest data from anywhere in the world. The option to group products, exact roles distribution by an employee, an internal messaging system, confidentiality and integrity of your data, speed of information transmition, convenient and easy-to-use interface — all of these are just a tip of an iceberg. The complex of distributors work automatization “Hermes” is exactly what you need to stop losing your investments, but to start multiplying them.