Ukrainian software development companies and IT outsourcing service providers are welcome to join Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative, a leading  association in offshore software development and IT outsourcing industry in Ukraine. To become a member, please submit an Application for Victor Maznyuk, President  of “Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative”. It should be on letterhead, stamped and signed by company executive. Please preliminary send the scanned copy at Complete Form and send it along with Russian (Ukrainian)  or English version of extended company profile at The indispensable condition for every Initiative member is to place “Hi-Tech Initiative member” button on the home page of the company’s official website. “Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative” membership is free. Financial basis of association’s activity is supported by its members and other concerned parties. Contribution form and frequency are at the discretion of the parties.

Forms can be following:

  • optional contributions;
  • joint participation in projects;
  • sharing available resources with Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative etc.