US company is looking for RoR team in Ukraine

Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative has received the request from US company looking for a partner in Ukraine to set up ODC.  The requirements are listed below. Should you company has the needed expertise and meet all the requirements, please contact us at hi-tech(at)


1. Information about your company
Number of employees 51-200
Year of founding 2008
2. Information about the project
Technology (programming language, platform) RoR, Mysql
Business domain in which the project will be used Retail e-commerce
Custom or product development Custom
Project volume in man/years TBD (start small, then grow)
3. Requirements to the partner company
Number of employees (no less than… no more than…) 75-300
Company age (no less than…) 3 (flexible here)
Technology (programming languages) RoR mandatory, MySQL a big plus
Experience in IT projects development in certain business domains (name the domains) US e-commerce
Certificates (name those necessary)
Location: - Kyiv - regional centers Flexible here