Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative searches for C++, JAVA experienced partner to a foreign client.

Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative searches for C++, JAVA experienced partner to a foreign client. The requirements are listed below.

Information for search of the partner.

1. Information about your company
Number of employees
Year of founding
Main partners
 No current partners in the Ukraine.
2. Information about the projects
Technology (programming language, platform)
C, C++, JAVA, LINUX, VxWORKS, FPGA, ASIC, Verilog, UNIX, Assembler x86, Real Time Embedded, Symbian, Brew.
Business domain in which the projects will be used
Video on Demand, VOD, Interactive TV, ITV, Internet Protocol TV, IPTV, Wireless, Broadband, Storage Area Networks, Data Communications, Semiconductor – ASIC Design, IC Design, RF – Radio Frequency.
Custom or product development
We do both custom and product for our clients
Projects volume in man/years
Minimum 6 month projects.
3. Requirements to the partner company
Number of employees (no less than… no more than…)
20-25 employees +  with the ability to hire large number of employees as we add projects. Our projects typically start with 2-5 people and ramp up.  Company should be able to provide enough projects for our Partner to hire a consistent number of new hires monthly.
Company age (no less than…)
3 Years.
Technology (programming languages)
Must be proven experts with referenced clients in the above technologies.
Experience in IT projects development in certain business domains (name the domains)
We’re not a fit for an IT partner. Ideal fit is a Software Engineering firm. (IE. Not interested in web dev companies or software companies for banks, insurance companies, etc.)
Ideally our partner will have experience in cutting edge tools for new software product development in the Real Time Engineering space.
They typically will have done work for an OEM, Product Manufacturer, Software House.
Certificates (name those necessary)
Not necessary, but typically may have relations with IEEE.
- Kyiv
- regional centers
   Our partner could be based anywhere in Ukraine.
Company strength is developing end clients in the Eastern United States, Managing projects for those clients, and exceeding client expectations in terms of quality and delivery. We have a US based SW Engineering staff which works with and transitions projects to our partner.