Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative searches for an experienced partner of a foreign client

Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative searches for an experienced partner of a foreign client. The requirements are listed below.


1. Information about your company
Number of employees >50
Year of founding 2005
Main partners Fishberg & Partners, James East 8, Brain Source Int.,
2. Information about the project
Technology (programming language, platform) All major programming languages, f.ex. Java, C+ etc. Platform can vary from one project to next
Business domain in which the project will be used Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Ukraine
Custom or product development Both
Project volume in man/years 10 -100
3. Offshore development center in Ukraine
Number of employees by the end of the 1st year 20 -30
Number of employees by the end of the 2nd year 100
Independent unit with independent technology cycle: - designing – development – testing – documenting – implementation Project oriented tasks, based on customer needs
Expansion of the technology center resources: implementing separate operations with head office project management involved Kyiv and Kharkiv
Legal status of ODC: - ODC is a part of Ukrainian company - ODC should be given into ownership to your company LLC company
You need a working team
Purchasing of the company that will be a base for your ODC is possible Yes
4. Requirements to the partner company
Number of employees (no less than… no more than…) 5 – 20, but competence and innovative culture, are more important than the number of people
Company age (no less than…) No less than one year, preferably 2+
Technology (programming languages) Not any critical factor, but expect competence in the major languages
Experience in IT projects development in certain business domains (name the domains) Project experience is a necessity, but not the specifications
Certificates (name those necessary) Microsoft, ERP (any system,but preferred SAP)and Linux if possible
Location: - Kyiv - regional centers Kyiv - area and/or possible Kharkiv