Search for the Ukrainian outsourcing company experienced in CRM software development

Ukrainian Hi-tech Initiative has received a request for the skills in CRM software development.

If you are interested in receiving the project under discussion, we would appreciate your sending a brief description of your company and facts about the CRM software development realization experience to


We are a company that specializes in the rental of luxury villas.

We have started a project of building a Web-based CRM software solution to use within our company in dealing with our clients. At this point, we need to accelerate the development time of the project but do so while within our budget and not sacrifice the quality of the software.

We are seeking a company/team of developers would could interface with our project manager here in Montreal, Canada to work towards completing this software. The technology requirements of the team would be: ASP, SQL, HTML and a little java script.

 If you could also provide some details about how your companyes is structured, size of teams generally dedicated to a project, approx billing costs and measurement of billing (hourly?).