Ukrainian Outsourcing is rapidly developing

The third Ukrainian Outsourcing Forum 2006 was held in Kiev. Te event was dedicated to developing outsourcing services in our country.

This year the outsourcing forum was visited by 230 companies from Ukraine, the USA, India, Germany, Israel, Russia and other countries. Among the participants of the conference, held for the third time, were well known experts, leading Ukrainian and foreign outsourcing companies, managers of IT departments of Ukrainian enterprises as well as representatives of state authorities.

Recently, offshore programming services industry has been rapidly growing. Global demand in the outsourcing products averages at 60 billion US dollars. India is leading this area. Ukraine is among top 10 countries-providers of this type of services due to development of software products for half billion US dollars annually. However, almost all experts agree in that intellectual potential of our country allows to multiply Ukrainian contribution into global money-box of outsourcing.

It is no secret that the work of a well qualified programmer is quite profitable. For instance an average developer of Microsoft generates $400 to $600 thousand per year. Correspondingly, the input of software tycoon into GDP of the United States exceeds this country average indices (about $80-$90 thousand). The situation in Ukraine is similar: if the input of an average Ukrainian into the country GDP amount to $3 thousand, one qualified programmer can create a product which will sum up to several times as much as an average result. This is exactly why many professionals believe that increasing the share of Ukraine of the global outsourcing market is a very promising way of developing our country into a hi-tech state.   

Actually this was the theme of a majority of presentations given at the Forum. There are currently several regional software development centers in Ukraine: Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Donetsk, Lvov, Odessa and Kharkov regions. Historically each of them cultivated its own specialization in software development. Overall this allows presenting a broader spectrum of outsourcing services.

Many speakers dedicated their presentations to the issues of the IT services outsourcing market as well as to the ways of solving them, increasing marketing efficiency, finding more appealing facets of offshore outsourcing business. In addition, the Forum gave local and foreign companies representatives an excellent opportunity for business negotiations and informal communication.

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