What Are ISTQB Levels?

An authoritative software testingcertificate gives a lot of benefits to a testing engineer on the labor market. The certificates of such a kind increase the specialist’s employability.

One of the most popular testing certificates is ISTQB. The abbreviation means International Software Testing Qualifications Board. It is not-for-profit organization founded in 2002. Many well-known software testing specialists work there.

It is not so easy to pass the appropriate exam and receive ISTQB certificate. One should thoroughly prepare to pass it successfully. There are three levels of ISTQB certificate.

What Are the Levels of ISTQB Certification?

  • Basic level. To make an application for this certification level, it is necessary to perform mobile testing, desktop testing and web application testing at least for half a year. During the tests execution the applicants should demonstrate the main skills and knowledge of the testing notions, methods and approaches.
  • Advanced level. The specialists who perform functional testing, usability testing, user interface testing, security testing, etc., may pass the exam to receive this certification level if they have the certificate of basic level. It is more difficult exam than the previous one.

Expert-level. Such a certificate can get only the specialists who have no less than 5 years of experience. Besides that, they should have the certificates of previous levels. To receive the certificate of expert-level, one should have profound knowledge of testing theory and high practical skills not only in the field of software testing but also in related areas. The exam contains various modules for different specialties.

Source: QATestLab