What Are the Disadvantages of Instant Messages?

Nowadays the Internet is used everywhere, and instant messaging becomes a very popular service. The usage of cellular technologies makes it possible to exchange SMS messages, but instant messaging is based on the network technologies.

Some systems enable the exchanging of only text messages; others have more capacities and allow sending pictures or even video files. This fact should be taken into account by the specialists who perform mobile testing, websites testing or software product testing.

The exchanging of information between users, system administrators and users is the essential and necessary aspect of the functionality of software products. Communication was, still is and will be the core factor of understanding, development and improvement.

That is why the majority of modern applications have the function of instant messaging. With the help of this option, it is easier to inform something, to get user’s feedback, to make a request, etc. But every specialist from software testing companywill confirm that this option has a lot of disadvantages.

What Are the Weak Point of Instant Messaging?

  • It depends on the quality of Internet or network. If there is no access to the Internet or there is a bad connection, then the service of instant messaging works very slow or it does not work at all. As a result the message may arrive with delay or it may be distorted.
  • Sometimes the notifications about messages may be not seen on the screen.
  • The message notifications may bother and annoy a user, as they appear too often.
  • Some apps may freeze or crash while receiving or sending instant messages.

The checking of these issues during web application testing or desktop testingwill improve the product quality. 

Source: QATestLab