QArea, Sym Systems Corporation and Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative contribute to socially oriented IT technology for people who lost their ability to speak.

QArea, ( the developer and tester of applications for PDA’s and smartphones is proud to contribute to socially oriented technologies for those who have lost their ability to speak, along with Sym Systems Corporation, USA, and marketing assistance of Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative.

QArea, an offshore software development company has successfully finished the first two software development projects for non-verbal persons. The software development program was outsourced by Sym Systems Corporation, an American company producing augmentative speech devices assisting those who require alternative forms of communication. QArea’s marketing support was provided by Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative, a leading Ukrainian alliance in Offshore Software Development and the IT industry (

The E-Talk Tablet device by Sym Systems Corporation is a portable speech device for anyone who has lost the ability to speak. The E-Talk is a Tablet PC based on Windows XP – so in addition to being a speech generating device, it also supports a large number of applications designed for the PC. The E-Talk Tablet uses the E-Talk 3 Software System, providing word prediction, multiple languages, and the ability to completely customize the display.

The E-Talk is controlled by tapping on the front panel or it can use a variety of switch access methods. The E-Talk features a dynamic display software that allows the custom communication system to be easily created for nearly any user. The selection can be made from pictures mixed with text, completely picture based, or completely text based formats. It comes with changeable keypad overlays, including the entire alphabet and common words and phrases. The box “speaks” the word, letter or phrase by simply pressing a key. A user who still has vocal capabilities can record all the selections in their own voice. Yet, for those who have lost their own voice still there are no language barriers. Because one can digitally record any voice (man’s, woman’s or child’s), the E-Talk can speak in any language.