Solution of MPEG Audio Layer III Software Decoder

Ukrainian HI-TECH Initiative and partners provide the Solution of MPEG Audio Layer III Software Decoder for aJile Systems Desna Systems ( and CDD, an  IT solutions and services provider with Offshore development capabilities made an announcement that aJile Systems, a developer, manufacturer and marketer of lowpower, direct execution processors for Java Technology and Mobile Java OS (MJOS), has selected Desna Systems to provide MPEG Audio Layer III software decoder, targeted to aJile platform MIDP 2.0 devices. Desna Systems and CDD solution is based on the fixed-point implementation library and existing fixed-point implementations of the compression algorithms required to perform MPEG Layer III decoding. Reference code will be further optimized to run on aJile hardware platform using available optimization techniques, including profiling, time-efficient algorithms and approaches, hardware-supported acceleration.

About aJile Systems

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