Radio Svoboda: 03/19/04. Ukraine in CeBit

Germany, March 29,2004. This week Hanover hosted world’s leading annual trade show for information technology, telecommunications & networks, software & services CeBit. More than 6400 firms form 70 world countries participated in it. Sponsors sum up positive results of the show. Participants representing Ukraine at this event were no less satisfied says Victor Maznyuk, coordinator of Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative.

It s already a good tradition that CeBit has a separate national (State) stand for Ukraine. This year was no exception. More than 20 Ukrainian companies were represented at the show. According to the Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative coordinator Victor Maznyuk, this year s fair demonstrated that foreign partners express increasing interest in Ukraine. High skill level of Ukrainian programmers is fount particularly impressive. This is confirmed by the IT services marketing research, conducted by Russian company Market-Visio .

Victor Maznyuk says:
 If two or three years ago Ukraine was nonexistent on this market, today, together with Belarus, Balkan states, Egypt and Singapore, Ukraine has found itself in the third group of countries that drive world outsourcing.

Leadership here is still maintained by India. Second group membership is shared by Russia, Israel, Hungary and China. During the fair, United Arab Emirates representatives showed increased interest in Ukraine.

It is still early to declare, that Ukraine has found it niche on the global IT market. As Victor Maznyuk noted, such search endures. Analytics show that there is a sufficient demand for the web technology software developed in Ukraine, as well as programming solutions created for medical facilities. Victor Maznyuk believes that the best perspectives Ukraine has on the market of mobile devices programming, as this means a totally different sort of products.

Notwithstanding the high professional level, Ukrainian specialists are facing many hardships, among which, as Victor Maznyuk noticed, there is an absence of the experience in marketing. As a result Ukrainian hi-tech potential remains only known to the narrow circle of specialists.

Radio Svoboda, Ukrainian edition, Nadiya Kandyba.