About the workshop author

Aaron Marcus is a founder and president of Aaron Marcus and Associates, Inc. (AM+A), world’s first professional graphic designer, usability expert with 40 years experience.
Clients: Microsoft, Oracle, Adobe Systems, eBay, Nokia, Samsung, America Online, Xerox, Hewlett-Packard, Siemens and many more.
”This is the work of genius!”, – exclaims Masayu Usuha, IQ Financial Systems, Inc.  “I would recommend AM+A to all except for my competitors”, – says Michael Dashefsky, Product Development Director, Vitalcom.
“You keep on impressing us with the scale and scope of the work you are doing for us”, – Julie Reichle (Adobe Systems, Inc) about the implementation of the tasks set for the AM+A team.
  • Adobe Systems: Circulate™ – user interface for the application used for scanning, recognition and storing of documents and images.
  • Samsung: Mobile Device – research of the future for mobile phones, PDA, and smart phones of next generation. Outcome – interface for “Mobi” – the mobile information device
  • Tiscali: Web-portal for the Europe’s largest Internet provider. Series of projects related to Tiscali browsers, portals, service channels and other applications has helped in creating an interface that was appealing and usable for the clients from around all Europe.
  • Nokia: Communicator 9000™ – consulting on user interface design for the first Nokia Communicator 9000™
  • Unigraphics Solutions: CAST (Computer-Assisted Self-Teach) v.15. Design of the HTML tutor for the CAD application. CAST was losing the market share in comparison to the competitive product that had worse content but more advanced design. AM+A were asked to enhance the product quality and usability. Outcome: a new browser, navigation system, new product brand, – all these led the user to concentration on learning because the system became nicer and more trustworthy.
Aaron Marcus is the author or the co-author of 5 books, 200 articles and publications on graphic design and user interface development. He is also an author of a research for 9 books and 3 manuals on user interface design, permanent author of the Interactions [: new approaches to the interaction between people and computer] magazine. Mr. Marcus is the world’s first professional graphic designer that used computer. 
Famous for:
In 1992 Aaron received a national award from the Association of computer graphics “For the contribution into the industry development”. In 2002 he was honored with the title of “Master of Graphic Design of 20th century” by International Council of Graphic Design Associations (ICOGRADA). In 2007 he was awarded with the prize of the American Institute of Graphic Arts “For the practical contribution into raising the standards of graphic design”.  
The work experience of Aaron Marcus in graphic design, interface and usability design (projects, publications, teaching, consulting) amounts to 40 years. Mr. Marcus has 33 years experience in applied research and development of the “Graphic design” course, participated in the work of publishing and consulting councils of 5 media publications. He is a recognized authority in international professional associations related to Web, user interface, human factor, graphic design and development of the programs for the desktop applied systems.  
Last decade Aaron spent working in such areas as Web and mobile devices, design of the information visualization, car user interface design, user interface globalization and localization instructions.
Usability expert success milestones.
1967 – Professional graphics designer (first in the world).
  • Created the prototype software for the video telephone Picturephone™ AT&T Bell Labs.
  • Created the virtual reality space.
  • Research officer in East-West Center (Honolulu), manager of the international visual communication development team.
  • Main speaker at ACM/SIGGRAPH-80.
  • Professor in University of California (Berkley).
  • Research officer – Lawrence Berkeley laboratory.
  • Founded AM+A.
  • One of the leaders in the project dedicated to research of the effective visualization in C.
National award from the Association of computer graphics “For the contribution into the industry development”
Organizer and Chairman of the first ACM/SIGCHI-99 meeting.
“Master of Graphic Design of 20th century” – a title granted by International Council of Graphic Design Associations (ICOGRADA).
Professor in the Design Institute (Chicago), Illinois Technology Institute.
Mentor of New Products Development course (Haas School of Business, University of California).
Professor in Knowledge Media Design Institute, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Award of the American Institute of Graphic Arts  (AIGA) “For the practical contribution into raising the standards of graphic design
On February 15th, 2008 in Kiev there will be held the Aaron Marcus practical workshop, organized by the “Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative” together with the Russian training center “Edu)itonline”. The workshop will be dedicated to the methods of developing effective and user-friendly web interface, best practice overview, analysis of the user needs and resulting IU purposes, usability testing, internationalization and localization. 

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