Zfort Group, Kharkiv

Zfort Group is an award-winning web design, development and consulting company, established in 2000. Our customers are a large and growing number of institutional clients and individuals from across the globe, including online marketing agencies, web design studios, major and middle-sized industrial companies, technology and other startups, and other enterprises. Our company is based in Kharkov, which is a major Eastern European software development hub center and Ukraine’s second largest city. A most powerful industrial and scientific giant yet during the times of the Soviet Union, Kharkov has been home to hundreds of industrial enterprises and institutes of higher learning, dozens of world-known research institutes and other scientific facilities. Empowered by this potential, the local software development industry quickly developed into an increasingly important, full-value branch of the local economy, with scores of both well-known and fledgling overseas software development vendors setting up store here. The city can be conveniently reached from any European country, the U.S., Canada or the Middle East. Compared with many other outsourcing destinations, it is completely safe and inexpensive to travel to and it can offer quite a lot in terms of sightseeing and recreation. Moreover, Ukraine is culturally very close to the West, and many of the cultural barriers you are bound to encounter in most other outsourcing environments are simply non-existent here. In addition, many of Zfort’s employees have a very good grasp of English, which will make the project-related communication smooth and easy. Our team consists of more than 100 professionals, eminently qualified in the following areas:
  • PHP/MySQL and ASP.NET/MSSQL programming;
  • Creative Design and Usability;
  • SEO-friendly HTML/CSS coding;
  • Flash Animation and Action Script programming;
  • Quality Assurance;
  • iOS and Android software development;
  • Business analysis and consulting.
Zfort Group creates excellent working conditions for all its employees. Entrusting your project to us you can always be sure you are dealing with a highly motivated and committed development team. Proof of the company’s position as a prominent employer is our having received the prestigious “The Best Company in Kharkov” Award in Best Employer 2011 Contest held by the Developers of Ukraine (DOU) Association. We also became the nation’s runner-up among companies that employ from 80 to 200 engineers. As an internationally recognized provider of web development and consulting services, Zfort Group excels in the following areas of specialization:

Website Design & Development

We are provenly able to provide, in fine quality and cost-efficiently, about any kind of a web design and development solution you may need.


Experience and expertise gained from the implementation of hundreds of various different web design and development and other projects for a range of industries is a wealth of practicable knowledge hard to come by.

B2B solutions

Zfort Group’s service offering is valuably complemented by several types of B2B services that can be consumed as part of a broader solution, or as a standalone service. All our services are provided on a flexible basis, as part of a broader solution or as a standalone service, and with the kind of quality that has been relied on by a host of world-known institutional customers in countries across the globe. More information about Zfort Group can be found on our website www.zfort.com