NG Serv LTD, Kiev

NG Serv Ltd(short for Next Generation Services Ltd) leader of IT-outsourcing services in the field of IT-infrastructure management and maintenance.

Our mission, as we see it, is to help our clients to focus on their key areas of activity while delegating on us the functions of the company IT-services and IT-infrastructure development and support. To realize this we make big annual investments in the development of the new-generation IT-services, in upgrading qualifications of engineers and consultants and in extending our geographic reach. The prerequisite for NG Serv entering the Ukrainian market at the beginning of 2013 was the detailed analysis of the readiness of companies to switch to the outsourcing model, and assessment of the quality of services provided by the existing IT companies. Our research revealed that many customers would like to outsource completely or partially their IT-processes, however, there is a problem with the national outsourcing companies connected with insufficient quality of coverage and comparatively low service level.

Today NG Serv company in Ukraine is a service provider operating in 25 regional and 490 district centers through company resource centers and a network of service partners. To extend its geographic reach NG Serv has made several strategic purchases of Ukrainian service companies, which allowed the company to provide the widest coverage area in the country.

In all the regions there operates single European standard of IT-services provision quality, which the company applies in all sites. Clients’ applications are processed in the centralized contact-center, which can be connected to the serviced company telephone infrastructure. To ensure transparency and detailed analysis of the provided services reports, the clients have access to the protected web-portal NG ServiceDesk.

The company plans to bring the IT-services in Ukraine to the new level and to extend operation in European countries.