The Specifics of XAMPP

Nowadays, web-based products are very popular and as a result, web development and web apps testing are much-in-demand. The success of the developed product depends on a wide range of different factors, one of which is its quality. And the services provided by a software testing company ensure that the system will be bug-free.

 The specialists execute functional testing and performance testing to make sure that the system operates properly. Penetration testing, security testing, access control testing detect the weak points of the system security.

But knowledge of software testing techniques and methods is sometimes not enough for effective testing. If the specialist is aware of the specifics of the dev tool, then it can help to better understand and predict the system behavior.

What Does the Abbreviation XAMPP Mean?

  • X – a cross-platform tool for Linux, Mac OS, Windows, etc.
  • A – Apache – a web server software.
  • M – MySQL – a database type.
  • P – PHP – a scripting language.
  • P – Perl – also a scripting language.

In other words, the name of this web development tool consists of the first letter of its component. XAMPP is used for the mobilization the installation procedure of all required systems. Besides that, it provides the control panel that simplifies the management of MySQL, Tomcat, Apache and other software.

The point is that to use PHP, it is necessary to install it, then Apache and even MySQL. And the procedure of Apache installation and configuration is rather difficult and may cause some troubles. The biggest plus of XAMPP is that this tool includes all these components and they are ready for usage – no installation and configuration are required.

Source: QATestLab