What Does “User-Friendly Software” Mean?

Usability is one of the main aspects by software development and, usually, software testing companies perform usability testing in order to find out whether the application meets user’s requirements and expectations.

As a rule, software usability is understood as friendly and convenient run of the program. A user can perform particular actions easily, everything is before eyes and there is no need to search for the needed information for a long time. In general user has a feeling that he is understood.

Usability means not only “easy to use”, it concerns effectiveness, productivity and understanding user requirements. Let’s discuss in more details what “user-friendly” means.

  • The software is useful, meaning a user can reach his goals with help of the application and he wants to use it in future. It is the main shaping factor of the whole program, since the software is worth nothing, if the user is unsatisfied. However, it is hard to check such feature due to its subjectivity even if you perform the best software testing (whether website testing or mobile application testing).
  • Productivity of the program is high – a user can achieve his objectives quickly and in a clear way.
  • The application is effective – the software understands and meets user’s requirements, it works exactly like the user expects.
  • The software is easy to learn – a user understands the website or application quickly and learns its peculiarities without deliberate effort.
  • Interaction with a user and engaging. Visual design, images, colors, multimedia elements and specific information affect the user’s impression from the software. So it is of high importance to learn the target audience preferences and take them into consideration.

In recent times, usability became one of the main goals of software developers. Many companies want to ensure that users will be satisfied with their products. That is why usability testing is needed. Software testing companies help to make the software user-friendly and the customers happier.

Source: QATestLab