What Should User Interface be Like?

Usability is one of key qualities of any software product nowadays. Each project must include usability testing. Reported usability defects mustn’t be ignored.

It is especially essential for mobile applications, as users are more demanding for mobile programs than for desktop ones.

Usability is a broad and abstract concept. It comprises many aspects and can signify different thing for different people. A software testing company claims that, in general, usability shows how efficient and convenient a program is in usage.

Usability is closely connected to user interface testing, as users interact with a software product through its interface.

Interface is Considered to be Usable If:

  • it looks pleasantly and do not cause tension or negative emotions;
  • it is understandable and intuitive;
  • working with the application does not require specific education or skills, if it relates to software products for wide range of users;
  • structure and navigation of the software product is well thought out;  hot keys, drop-down menus and dialog windows are allocated so that users can quickly perform needed tasks;
  • it provides easy connection with the product help desk, where users can receive support in work with the program and report about its defects.

These issues should be given due consideration in course of any mobile testing, desktop testing or web site testing.

Source: QATestlab