Vimas Technologies, Kyiv

VIMAS Technologies is a software development company with more than 15 years of expertise in the software industry. VIMAS was founded in February, 1995. It is a privately held, limited liability company with main office in Kiev (Ukraine) and consulting representatives in the USA and Denmark. VIMAS Technologies is an Oracle partner.

The company utilizes an excellent pool of intellectual resources and has a solid team of software architects, developers, engineers and scientists along with an experienced management team. VIMAS currently employs over 50 software developers.

Core competencies of the company:

  • Software for automation of large scale retail and wholesale chains;
  • Software products with using audio/image/video processing and communication for Internet applications and services;
  • Software outsourcing and customization of the proprietary products for customer needs;
  • Software outsourcing in the areas of the multimedia and general applications development;