What Is UCD?

The specialists of software development and software testing companyare aware of UCD methodology. UCD is an abbreviation for user-centered design. This method is widely used in IT sphere.

To effectively apply UCD, one should know the principles and peculiarities of user-centered design. Only in such a case, the quality of developed product may be improved with the help of this particular method.

The application of UCD method requires some knowledge of other spheres, not only of IT field.

What Fields Are Connected with UCD?

  • Behavioral science (psychology, sociology)
  • Industrial design
  • Sciences dedicated to the interaction between human and computer technologies

A lot of training courses are available to improve the specialist’s theoretical basis. A huge amount of useful information about automated testing, mobile testing, desktop testing, etc. is available now for everyone.

The same situation is with UCD. The specialist who performs usability testingis considered to be the expert of UCD.

What Helps to Become the Expert of UCD?

  • The cooperation with potential end-users. UCD is focused on users, so it necessary to fully understand people’s needs and desires, to get their feedback on some aspects of the product, etc.
  • The research of market. Uninteresting and unneeded functions will not increase the product popularity.
  • It will be more effective if users will take part in software testing.
  • The product should be tested at every step of software development lifecycle.
  • It is important to compare the results of every change. Besides that, it is necessary to get the user’s feedback after every change.

Source: QATestLab