What Tests Should Be Automated?

There are different software testing types which are used to check the particular aspect or feature of the developed system. Checking types are divided into several groups according to the way of testing, the checked subject, etc.

The specialists from software testing company may perform automated testing or manual testing. It depends on the purpose of checking, the available time, the peculiarities of test cases, etc. Sometimes it is better to execute manual testing instead of automated one.

Test automation is now rather popular in software testing field. Many free and commercial automation tools are now available to perform different testing tasks. But it does not mean that manual testers have nothing to do.

In some cases, it is not convenient to make all tests automated. Automation tools will never replace the human.

What Tests Is It Better to Automate?

  • Numerous and repetitive tests are recommended to be automated.
  • Some tests can be performed again during unit testing or regression testing. To save time, it is better to automate these tests.
  • During load testing, stress testing, security testing, a lot of users are involved in the testing process under the special defined conditions. In such a case, the autotests will be exactly what is needed.

It is more convenient to conduct manual testing. It is impossible to perform mobile testing, desktop testing or website testing in a fully automated manner. The testing process will be effective if manual and automated tests are combined appropriately.   

Source: QATestLab