Negative Aspects of Software Testing

Earlier software testing field was considered a purely theoretical sphere, but now it is reviewed as a separate area of the software development. The aim of this field is the evaluation of the quality of software product and the promotion of its improvement. Development, as well as testing, is oriented towards the end users and their needs.

While performing web testing, mobile checking or game testing, the specialists face different obstacles and difficulties of various nature – they may be connected with the system structure, product capacities, client’s requirements, etc.

What Negatively Affects Software Testing?

  • Too detailed or incomplete load testing, security checking or regression testing may cause huge problems and money expenses.
  • Usually, deadlines make the testers real workaholics. They do not sleep enough, always are very exhausted and may miss severe and critical bugs.
  • Out-of-date testing tools and principles reduce the testing procedure effectiveness.
  • The relationships within the test team should be well-established as well as will other members of the product team.
  • The product checking will be more resultative if it is accompanied by constant and effective communication during the whole software development procedure.

Of course, the list is not full, there are a lot of other factors that may negatively affect the testing process. But of the greatest problem is the specialist’s competence. There are many testers who do not attend any courses and training. They do not work on their self-studying. And it is a pity as without the constant development of skills, it is impossible to reach the success.

Source: QATestLab