What is it Necessary to Find out Testing a Database Trigger?

Back-end of most of modern web applications comprises complex SQL databases. A database of that kind can perform different operations with multiple data. Besides data, its tables include different saved procedures that are responsible for performing various operations.

One must make sure that all the databases function as intended, according to specification executing web site testing, desktop testing or mobile testing.

Experts in automated testingknow that among important SQL database elements are triggers. They are saved procedures that are not called by the user directly. Triggers are automatically activated by the server when the user modifies the data. They may be activated before or after certain operations. Triggers are created to ensure proper implementation of the domain logic and maintain data integrity.

Testing a Database Trigger it is Necessary to Determine:

  •  if the trigger name is correct;
  •  if it is generated for proper table column;
  •  if it works correctly when a user inserts valid data;
  •  if it properly manages inputting of invalid data and data that have already been inputted;
  •  if it appropriately performs rolling back when the operation fails;
  •  occurrence of what errors does not assume rolling back of the trigger;
  •  if the trigger has conflicts with any other stored procedures or rules.

A software testing company advises its testers to check carefully database triggers during mobile application testing, desktop testing and web site testing, because their incorrect functioning always has a serious impact on the program and can make it inadequate for usage.

Source: QATestLab