Few Tips for Software Testing on Blackberry Smartphones

Experts in manual and automated testing have to deal with BlackBerry operating systems from time to time. It was designed by BlackBerry Limited company for their smartphones.

BlackBerry is a Java-based, multilingual operating system. Its store contains more than 70 thousands of various applications, it is known in the world, but is not as popular as Android is. It can convert and run applications for Android, this feature is often verified during mobile testing.

BlackBerry allows keeping many applications in the background and does not need often rebooting, unlike Android. Key combination Alt+LGLG opens logs of the smartphone. This combination is often utilized during functional testing, security testing, load testing, etc.

Testing Systems on BlackBerry Platforms One Can Utilize Such Instruments:

  • JL_Cmder. It is a batch script meant for manipulating JavaLoader. JavaLoader goes with Java Development Environment, it can be used for various operations, like showing information about the device, an event log, etc. Such data are needed for writing error reports, determining causes of the errors discovered in course of software testing.
  • ScreenShot, CaptureIt. These tools enable the user to make a screen shot of a BlackBerry device by one click.

One may use other tools for work with Java-based products.

Source: QATestLab