Testing: How to Avoid Conflicts?

Usually, the specialists from different countries, with various mindsets and ways of thinking may work on one project. Each of them performs the assigned tasks and carries out the particular duties.

The managers are responsible for distributing the tasks among the team members and coordinating the work of the whole team and every its member. The developers write the code according to the client’s requirements and available documentation. The test team checks the product conducting functional testing, security control, load checking, performance testing, etc.

Everything seems very easy. But it is not really so. It is rather difficult to make different specialists work as a team in order to reach the common goal – to develop the product of a high quality.

One more complicated task is to coordinate the specialists’ work in a large international company, where the experts of different mentality and various cultures should work together. Besides that, they speak diverse languages!

Pretty often the QA specialists face the problem of intercommunication during mobile testing, e-commerce testing, web apps checking or desktop testing. There are several tips that will help to avoid troublesome and confusing situations.

How to Prevent Misunderstandings and Conflicts?

  • It is better to communicate in a written form, as all descriptions and needed information will be saved in e-mails, Skype messages and other e-documents. And a specialist can open and review the details at any time.
  • The experts should be able to admit their mistakes. It is common practice to make mistakes during manual or automated testing. One that never climbed never fell.

Source: QATestLab