Interview for Tester’s Position

During the interview, a person should introduce himself or herself; tell about his or her skills, experience, and personal interests; provide good knowledge of the English language, etc. The first attitude is very important.

It is necessary to be self-confident and calm. A future tester should prepare the well-formulated resume, think over the key aspects of previous working experience and review the essential and fundamental principles of software testingits main techniques and methodologies.

What Should Be Mentioned During the Interview?

  • Education.
  • Certificates, if available. It will be good if a person had some testing courses or training.
  • Working experience (whether you took park in manual testing, usability checking, testing of mobile devices, automated checking, game testing, etc.).
  • Personal information, hobbies, interests.

But any of these points can be omitted by the interviewer. In software testing company, it is a wide practice to ask unusual questions or provide complicated situations and cases to be solved. It is done to check the level of creativity, problem-solving skills, and analytical abilities.

Every company wants its employees to be flexible, clever, and initiative. It is better to have good communication skills, profound theoretical knowledge of domain field (web testing or mobile testing), be ready for self-studying and self-development.

It is really good if a person has some hobbies and interests besides work. It shows that the person is of multiple achievements. The motivated employee is a real catch.

Source: QATestLab