Is It Necessary for a Tester to Be Creative?

It is obvious that creative employees are desired in every software testing company. Their ways of thinking are essential for new, fresh and interesting ideas. Such people are able to find out unexpected solutions and make unstandardized propositions.

Everyone has the inclinations to create and develop awesome ideas. But this ability should be constantly developed and upgraded. It is wonderful if the specialists of mobile application testing, desktop testing and website testing have good imagination and creative thinking. In such case, their work will be more resultative and effective.

To develop imaginative thinking, one should firstly know how to perform automated testing and manual testing. Then tester can try to create his own ways and methods of testing steps. The aim is to discover a fresh approach and develop the skills.

What Helps Testers to Become Creative?

  • Before having a look at the requirements, tester creates as much test cases as possible. After familiarizing with documentation, tester finishes writing and adds new test cases based on the requirements.
  • While executing desktop application testing, it is recommended to use the application in such a way as if it had quite different functionality.
  • Specialists should include tests which have already helped to find out serious bugs in other projects.  

These methods allow increasing test coverage and improve functional testing, usability testing, unit testing, etc. Testers should follow mentioned principles to make their work more effective.

 Source: QATestLab