Manager of Test Project: a Hard Choice

The effective and efficient execution of software testing requires the specialists with certain skills, profound theoretical knowledge, intelligence, some personal characteristics, the degree of motivation and many other items.

Besides that, it is very important to wisely distribute tasks and monitor their fulfillment in order to use the available resource (both team members and technologies) the most profitable way. That is why software development, mobile testing, web checking, even game testing should be thoroughly managed and controlled.

Sometimes for software testing company, it is a real challenge to find a real project manager who will be flexible and competent. It often happens when more and more add-ins, features, and modules are added to the system. In such a case, one manager cannot control the procedures of functional testing, integration testing or regression testing.

The way out is to appoint a certain tester who works on the particular project tasks as a responsible person for that task. But this will only be effective if the choice of specialist is made properly and if a real lead is selected. Otherwise, the team will work ineffectively and uncoordinated.

It may be rather difficult choice. There are some requirements that will help to choose a good project manager.

The Testers in Manager’s Shoes Should:

  • have ambitions and desire to be a leader, posse the leadership skills;
  • realize the final goals of project and the role of his tasks in these aims reaching;
  • share the view of the whole situation of the project manager, his thoughts, and presumptions.

Source: QATestLab