Why Is Test Plan a Basis For Effective Testing?

Probably all experts of software testing field are sure that every software testing process should be based on a test plan. It is considered to be a key element of product checking. The test plan itself is formulated according to the test strategy.

But James Bach, a well-known specialist of software testing field, thinks that the test plan should consist of four elements. Every its component has a defined goal and a specific strategy that promotes an effective testing procedure. Now it is time to review these elements in details.

What Are the Components of Test Plan?

  • The examination of system or app. A team should be aware of the general idea of the product under test, fully understand the client’s requirement and the tasks that should be fulfilled.
  • The logistics issues. It is important to define what specialists will perform automated testing and what manual testing, what devices and technologies are available and what equipment is required, etc.
  • The determination and evaluation of product risks. The opinions of team members should concerning the possible risks should be examined and reviewed. Besides that, the available solutions should be planned too.
  • The test strategy. The exact test goals should be set, and it is necessary to describe the ways, methods and approaches of these goals reaching.

Every software testing company will confirm that such a test plan will bring a lot of useful necessary results. It is obvious that the test plan will promote more effective and efficient execution of functional testing or performance testing.

Source: QATestLab