How to Select a Proper Test Management Tool?

The execution of effective and efficient desktop application testing, website testing and mobile testing is impossible without using the test management tools.

Such tools ensure the possibility to plan and design various checking processes, follow and manage the status of manual testing or automated testing. With their help different information about tests and their results can be stored.

Also, there are the tools that perform both the functions of bug tracking system and test management tool, for example, JIRA. Some test managers suggest using the Excel file as a management tool. But the files of such type do not have the required capacities and do not provide the options needed for software testing.

What Are the Core Aspects of Test Management Tool?

  • The presence of its free analogues.
  • The updating principles and specifics of management tool.
  • The structure of test cases folder (it should adapt to the product requirements).
  • The proper support of the updates history of test artifacts.
  • The tool usability (to add the data to test cases should be easy and convenient).
  • The function of pyritization and sorting of testing artifacts.
  • The tool compatibility with other system (bug-tracker, automation tools, etc.).
  • Its capacity and performance (a high capacity is an inevitable part of testing procedure for big projects with a large number of participants).
The success of checking procedure depends on various factors. The right choice of test management tool will simplify the process and will help to monitor and coordinate the work of each project participant.
 Source: QATestLab