How to Optimize Test Case Creation?

The development of software is rather time-consuming and demanding process. But the deadline is defined and the date of release is fixed. There is no possibility for any delay. All should be done on time.

 Usually, software testing company runs into difficulties connected with the lack of time. Very often, the time allowed for either web application testing or system testing is not enough for finding and reporting about serious bugs.

That is why testers always try to optimize the creation of test cases and make manual testing and automated testing quicker with no loss in quality. It is impossible to check every element of software as it will be an endless process.

Effective Test Case Writing

  • Test case writing needs the usage of leading methods and proven practices.
  • Test case creation should be based on thoroughly examined software requirements and other necessary documentation.
  • The pre-requisite of performing compatibility testing, unit testing, reliability testing, etc., is writing test cases for functional testing.
  • It is recommended to use test management tool or Excel files. Using Excel is a perfect way for test case saving, handling and modification. Moreover, test cases can be imported from Excel to test management tool at any needed time.
  • During test case writing, the applying to the flowcharts of operation procedure is preferred. It helps to provide maximal test coverings and not to omit any important elements.
  • Test cases should be arranged according to the software pages and the usage scenario. Every way of arrangement helps to maintain test cases.

Source: QATestLab