Steps to Be Taken Before Automated Mobile Testing

The popularity of mobile applications rises and quality requirements become stricter too. But mobile testing is a nightmare for most of software developers. What’s the reason for that?

Nowadays there is huge amount of mobile devices and it is hardly possible to provide effective software product testing using of them, especially when it comes to manual testing.

Thus, most of the software testing companies resort to automation. Automated test scripts really help to make effective software testing in fast and simple way.

However, it is highly recommended to adhere to the most important automation principles, introduced while checking mobile software.

Particularities of Automated Mobile Testing

  • Automated testing takes little time, but requires much money, therefore, the workflow should be properly organized. Particularly, it is necessary to determine, which parts of the software need to be automated. The funding strategy depends straight on the results of this analysis.
  • It is important to choose particular automation instruments. Right decision will ensure effective testing and quality of the software.
  • Automation instruments should verify the system not only on real devices, but on emulators as well.

Detailed planning of the funding and responsible choice of testing tools will help to perform successful automated mobile testing.

Source: QATestLab