What Can Help to Build a Career in a Software Testing Company?

To start working in a software testing company one should have at least basic knowledge about a testing process, main notions and terms of software testing. Any technical skills will be very helpful as well.

Some companies hire even those, who know nothing about a testing process, but have a great desire to study, search for software bugs and become an expert.

Very Helpful for Building a Career in Software Testing Are:

  1. Experience in Certain Testing Types. Load testing, service-oriented architecture testing, mobile application testing become more and more required. A lot of instruments for them have appeared. So, specialists in various testing types are highly valued.
  2. Skills in Test Automation. Today automation is in great demand. If one has excellent knowledge in scripting languages and can create, validate and improve test automation frameworks, he or she can easily find well-paid job as those skills are considered to be fundamental in automated testing.
  3. Profound Domain Knowledge. If a tester has knowledge in a domain sphere, besides software testing, he or she is a valuable specialist, as domain knowledge is necessary for proper testing of a specialized application for accouters, psychologists, nuclear physicists and so on. Though in some cases testers can attend specialized training in order to gain the needed knowledge.
  4. Certifications. There is a number of institutions issuing testing certificates.  Among them are BrainBench, QAI, ASQ and others. Some of the trainings are useful for team leads and managers, who have significant experience in organizing and handling web site testing, desktop testing and mobile testing. And there are courses for those, who just want to become a project manager in the future.

Source: QATestLab