Tester’s Dilemma

The general procedure of every web testing, mobile testing and software testing is the same. It includes the bugs’ detection, their documentation and reporting. It seems to be very simple. But it is not really so.

The most difficult task is to cover with test scenarios all available OS versions, platforms, browsers, ways of user’s behavior, etc. The total amount of test scripts will be huge. And the test team should create and run every test. Of course, it is impossible to check every single possible path.

The specialists should choose the most suitable and most common test scenarios and define all serious bugs within the limited time and resources. It is a real challenge, is not it?

What Is the Biggest Tester’s Dilemma?

  • On one hand, a tester may proceed to directly to the checking procedure without any previous designing and planning. In other words, the tester takes the bull by the horns.
  • But on the other hand, before conducting functional testing, security control, load testing, usability checking, unit testing, etc., the specialist may thoroughly planned the testing strategy, select the required techniques and methods.

Every software testing company prefers to have the test procedure well-planned. Only in such a case, software product testing will be effective and full. The test team will be aware of the product specifics, the possible disadvantages of the system under test, its capacities. It will help to define what system aspect should be focused on.

Source: QATestLab