What Are Peculiarities of Software Back-End Testing?

Any thorough mobile application testing, desktop testing and web site testing is a complex, process consisting of multiple stages and levels.

Testing activities must be an integral part of each software development process. Only in this case high quality, competitive product can be delivered to the end-users.

There are a front-end and a back-end in each application. Users deal only with a software product front-end and may know nothing about its back-end. Only software engineers and testers work with that part of software.

Nevertheless, one mustn’t neglect testing of a system back-end. Any software testing company can confirm that it helps to find serious errors that are hard or impossible to find during checking of an application front-end.

Back-end testing should be well thought out and streamlined.

Workflow of Software Back-End Testing Can Be Like This:

  1. Receiving and studying of design specification for the SQL server.
  2. Elaboration of tests based on the specification.
  3. Execution of the tests.

As a rule, unit testing and integration testing often refer to back-end of the program under test. System testingcovers both front-end and back-end of a software product.

Back-end testing usually stops after release. Only front-end of a system is checked in course of beta testing.

Source: QATestlab