Why Can Mobile Software Be So Slow?

The experts of software testing, mobile application testing and web site testingvery often face the problem of low performance of modern products, especially, of mobile programs. It is a very serious problem, as a poor performance annoys users a lot.

Everyone is used that the application loads usually no more than two or three minutes. A long waiting for program loading may be the main reason for its failure and loss of popularity among users.

This issue resembles the performance problem of web applications in 1990. In that time people connected to Internet using modems and slow computers. All that remains in past, but some troubles still happen nowadays.

Modern mobile web applications are very complex and complicated. They may consist of various elements and cover several levels. Modern applications require the interchange of a huge data amount between server and client computer.

The specialists of software testing companydistinguish 3 core problems of mobile products performance.

What Are the Main Performance Defects of Mobile Programs?

  • The system or application performs too many actions simultaneously, processing too big data amount while interacting with users.
  •  The data interchange between the program and server takes place too often.
  • There are too many files that should be downloaded. Besides that, the size of these file plays an important role too. If they are too big, the application loading will take more time.

If during performance testing a tester discovers that the mobile program operates too slow, then the reason of that should be find out. In most cases, it will be one of mentioned reasons. While executing mobile testing, a specialist should not neglect the checking of program performance.

Source: QATestLab