Selenium IDE

While performing automated testing of different web products, the specialists of software testing company very often use a special tool – Selenium IDE where ‘IDE’ means ‘Integrated Development Environment’. There is the whole range of Selenium tools, one of which is Selenium IDE.

It is very easy to use this automation tool for checking the quality of software products. Actually, Selenium IDE is a plug-in for a web browser Firefox. The procedure of its installation is the same as for any other plug-in. But it can be used only for prototyping. In order to create more complex test cases, it is necessary to apply other Selenium products.

The execution of web products testing using Selenium IDE has a list of advantages.

What Are the Cons of Selenium IDE?

  • The installation process is very easy.
  • No programming skills are required, except HTML and DOM.
  • It ensures the export of tests in the formats that Selenium RC and WebDriver support.
  • The help function is built-in.

But when the specialists conduct automated performance testing or functional testing, they can face several disadvantages of using this testing tool.

What Are the Pros of Selenium IDE?

  • This plug-in is suitable for only one web browser – Firefox.
  • It is possible to create only the test prototypes.
  • The iteration function is not supported.
  • The speed of test execution is rather low.

Of course, for the checking procedure of one software product, Selenium IDE is the best possible choice but for another – it will not be effective. While selecting the tool for automated testing, the specialists analyze and review the specifics of the system and available requirements.

Source: QATestLab