Security Testing Tips

Every software testing company performs various types of software testing in order to check a particular system aspect of the product feature. There is no unique answer to the question of what testing type the testers perform most often.

Some specialists are sure that functional testing is the main checking type without which the proper work of any software product is impossible. Others find performance testing the most essential kind of quality checking.

But there are no doubts that nowadays a huge attention is paid to security testing. Every client wants the developed product to be safe and reliable. The qualitative and detailed checking of the product security is one of the factors that guarantee the success of software on the market. Even small error can cause huge and very serious consequences.

How Should Security Testing Be Conducted?

  • The basis of this checking type is penetration testing and vulnerability checking. They simulate the hacker’s actions. Such kind of tests is applied to define the weak points of system security. They show whether the system is able to resist various types of attacks.
  • The checking procedure should be handled under close-to-real conditions. Only in such a case, testing will really be effective.
  • The checking of product security should be performed at every stage of the development process. Usually, this testing type is omitted at all or at the very end of the development procedure.

Rather often the automation principle helps to check the product security. But it is important to apply automation rationally – sometimes the auto tests can only make harm. 

Source: QATestLab