Role of Security Testing in Software Development

When creating software, several key factors need to be considered in order to ensure product success. Security of the application is among them. If the program cannot guarantee users’ safety, software developers can destroy the reputation and betray expressed trust.

Nowadays, any program can be hacked, so reliability of a product takes almost the first place. Therefore, security testing shouldn’t be neglected in any way. Either mobile testing, or desktop application testing are to be planned in details and performed very thoroughly.

Usually, this software testing type is included in the beginning of the application development in order to take care of all security aspects.

Why Is Security Testing So Important?

  • Software, which deals with financial operations, should be absolutely secure. Otherwise, loss of money is unpreventable. Software testing company simulates possible actions of hackers and checks whether the application will be broken after the cyberattack.
  • Personal information of the users should be protected as well. Confidentiality is a must.
  • If security testing is ignored in the beginning of the development process, it can happen that some flaws will be left.

By functional all elements of the software are verified separately, but when it comes desktop application, mobile, game or retail banking system testing, security should be paid extra attention.

Source: QATestLab