The Peculiarities of Scrum Methodology

In the software development area, special techniques and methodologies are applied by the specialists in order to perform the tasks effectively and productively. Testers do the same during software products checking.

Very often Scrum methodology is applied during software products development. It is one of the agile methodologies. Scrum provides fast development and testing processes. It is rather specific methodology. It is focused on the qualitative control of development process.

What Is the Specifics of Scrum?

  • Two approaches (complex and agile) are combined.
  • Three sides participate in the development process: client (Product Owner), Scrum master, test and dev team.
  • The final result of applied Scrum methodology depends on the productivity and effectiveness of communication between the project members.

The coordinator of the whole process is Scrum master who monitors and synchronizes the work of all participants of the product development procedure. He also is like interlink between the development and marketing departments.

According to the Scrum methodology, the dev process is divided into sprints (periods of time during which a certain scope of work is performed).

An inevitable part of Scrum methodology is daily scrum. Meetings take place every day. The aim of such meetings is to inform every project member about the status of dev procedure and testing; discuss possible difficulties and further scope of work to do, etc.

In its turn, software testing company uses various tools to perform functional testing, security control, compatibility testing, load checking or installation tests at a high level.

Source: QATestLab