Rozdoum, Kharkiv

Rozdoum was founded in 2004 in Kharkiv, Ukraine as a new-generation software development company, which understands business and the objectives of its partners. We have been combining the best of onshore and offshore software development to deliver premium quality cost effective services and products to our customers. Since 2006 the company started to offer IT consulting services in regard to the development process organization, techniques and tools to use for specific projects. Since 2010 company opened Mobile development and Marketing departments. Rozdoum people make our company special. Responsibility and trust, the first things that we value in ourselves, determine our behavior on the market. Being well-informed and up-to-date with current IT trends, our team smartly utilizes best practices of software development, with strong focus on non-stop development. Rozdoum offers creative solutions for modern businesses on contract basis, utilizing knowledge of industry best practices and specialized software expertise. We help our customers to improve the current infrastructure, create the enterprise computing strategy, and deploy new technology. We can assemble the optimal team for Client organization by matching right expertise at right time for the right cost for every phase of the project. We also provide IT consulting services for development process organization, techniques and tools to use for specific projects. The main objective is to help our partner to promote his business model the best possible way, while cooperating with him. Thus, in addition to providing development services to the customer, we also work on the improvement of our customer’s business model, if needed. Our coding guidelines are based on the profound practices enforced through code reviews across the team. We adapt our development process to needs and processes of our customer, though there are some key points that always remain in our development process: well-organized project management, good customer reporting, proper quality assurance and testing.