What Is the Role of Regression Testing?

Every specialist of IT sphere knows that each software testing type should consist of the final checking – regression testing. Either mobile testing or website testing cannot be released without conducted regression testing.

The aim of this checking type is to discover the errors that may occur because of the fixing procedure of the other bugs, or after some new features or capacities have been added to the main functional.

The matter is that any small change in the code may arise the huge number of different mistakes. Regression testing is performed to check whether this or that modification has caused any changes of the system functionality.

Unfortunately, a lot of developers and even testers do not fully realize the whole importance of regression testing. They neglect it because of lack of time and available resources. That is why software testing company recommends automating the test scripts needed for regression testing. Automated testing reduces the costs and time expenses of the whole checking procedure.

What Are the Preconditions of Effective Regression Testing?

  • A QA specialist should define what test cases have to be performed.
  • It is important to improve and somehow modified the already created test cases. They should fit for checking the upgraded system.
  • The execution time of regression testing should be defined.
  • It is important to correctly determine the checking of what exact aspect of the system should be automated.
  • All recourses required for automated testing should be defined and prepared.
  • After performing regression testing, a specialist should be aware of the specifics of the data analysis.

Source: QATestLab