Qualium Systems, Kharkiv

Qualium Systems Ltd is a German / Ukrainian software development company specializing on research & development and IT consulting services. Our main goal is to become a trustworthy partner for our clients and make our collaboration mutually fruitful and successful. Our company is well-experienced in a wide range of software domains:
  • Web Design & Development
  • Desktop & Server Solutions
  • Social Media Applications
  • Flash & Flex Development
  • Dedicated Development Center
We work with the following up-to-date technologies:
  • С / C++, Qt
  • PHP / MySQL
  • WordPress / Drupal / Magento
  • ActionScript / Flash / Flex
  • Facebook API, Twitter API, LinkedIn API, Google Services
  • xHTML / CSS, HTML5 / CSS3
  • JavaScript / AJAX / jQuery
We provide a full cycle of development going hand in hand with client at all stages: idea development, requirements analysis, structural and functional design, prototyping and documentation, programming and testing, maintenance and support. Please don’t hesitate to discuss your project requirements and/or collaboration opportunities with our managers: sales@qualium-systems.com